I am delighted that you have decided to join us in setting aside purposeful time in prayer and consecration for the next 28 days. There are times and seasons of life, as people of God, when the most important thing we can do is pray. During the next month, we want to call our church to one- accord prayer and personal consecration by spending the next 28 days (4 weeks) in daily focused prayer together. Each week, we will follow a theme and pray around that theme.


We are motivated to prayer by our Lord Jesus’ prayer as recorded in John’s gospel in chapter 17. There, Jesus prays for Himself (John 17:1-5), for His disciples (John 17:6-19) and the believers collectively (John 17:20-26). The next 28 days is designed for each of us to decidedly put aside time every day for prayer for our own personal relationship and walk with Jesus, for our personal families, for our church family and for the church itself. Our purpose is to move forward into this next season of church life together in one accord – seeking God’s will and movement in our lives, in our loved one’s lives and in His church. That we might, collectively and together, “grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ”.

This season of prayer begins on Sunday, January 15th and will conclude on Sunday, February 11th. To help in our time, we will be offering 28 days of scripture, provided daily, with an objective in our praying for that day. As well, we will provide a daily devotion/teaching on prayer itself through the writings of the great E.M. Bounds. If you would like to receive these daily emails, please click GET STARTED below.

Our greatest desire is to see God use this season to increase our faith in, and our dependence upon, Him for all things and to experience the move of God in our church.  

For His Glory.

Pastor Doug Sommer

Five steps to help you in your commitment to prayer

  1. Find a quiet place
  2. Find a consistent time
  3. Pray out loud. This can help minimize distractions of the mind.
  4. Begin with thanksgiving to God. Don’t forget to praise Him for who He is and for the great works He has done.
  5. Keep a note pad handy for things to come to your mind while you pray.